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M.A.T. Malmedie Antriebstechnik GmbH
Company Background

The history of MALMEDIE is ranking back to the year 1873. Founded as a machinery factory, have developed to a specialist in power transmissions by innovation, knowledge and experience.

Today, MALMEDIE is one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical couplings for various industrial applications worldwide.

In Solingen / Germany, Malmedie develop, design, manufacture and distribute Gear- Drum- and Safety-Couplings of highest quality.

If you require any further information on Malmedie products, please feel free to contact us.

Products Range

  • Gear Coupling
  • Drum Coupling
  • Safety Coupling
  • Snag Overload System (SOS)
  • Specialist for Retrofit and Tailor Made
Typical Application

  • Hot- and Cold-Rolling Mills for Steel Processing
  • Rolling Lines
  • Capstan Drives
  • Straightening Machines
  • Shears Machines
  • Port Cranes type STS, RTG, RMG
  • Unloaders
  • Cement Works
  • Ship Drives
  • Rubber Mills
  • Mixers
  • Equipment for Briquetting, Compacting and Grinding