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Cortem S.p.A.
Company Background

Cortem Group, formed by the brands Cortem, Elfit and Fondisonzo, is one of the most competitive companies of Oil & Gas. Since 1968, Cortem S.p.A. has been designing and manufacturing explosion-proof and water-proof electrical equipment addressed to hazardous areas, meeting on-shore and off-shore applications.

Cortem Group electrical equipment are certified in accordance with the European standard ATEX and the International regulation IEC Ex, also obtained the certifications GOST for the Russian market. Respecting these strict international construction rules, guarantees the safety of people and environment. Available in 'Ex d', 'Ex e', 'Ex de', 'Ex ed', 'Ex i', 'Ex n' executions, Cortem Group's products are realized using primary aluminium alloys, titled steels and plastic materials that assure resistance and duration.

Cortem Group manufactures its products using modern processes, plants and qualified personnel. The quality management system conforms to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

If you require any further information on Cortem products, please feel free to contact us.

Products Range

  • Explosion Proof Junction and pulling boxes, Enclosures
  • Explosion Proof Control and signalling Stations
  • Explosion Proof Power Plugs and sockets
  • Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures
  • Explosion Proof Aspirators
  • Explosion Proof Cable Glands
  • Explosion Proof Electrical Fitting
  • Explosion Proof Flexible Tubes and conduits
  • Explosion Proof Motor Starter
  • Explosion Proof MCB / MCCB Board
  • Explosion Proof Termination Box
  • Explosion Proof Emergency Stop
Typical Application

  • Explosive Area (Oil and Gas Industries)
  • Oil Terminal
  • Sewage Treatment Plants