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Job Name
RTGR89Semi-Automatic ROS Pilot Project at Modern Terminal Ltd. (MTL)
Completion date
11/2017 - 3/2018
Job Details

CSI was adwarded a Contract from Siemens (SFAE) for electrical and mechanical installation in the MTL RTG Semi-Automatic Remote Operation pilot project.

Siemens provides the electrical cabinet and electrical components. 

CSI is responsible for the replacement of the RTG master electrical system at E-Room and installation of corresponding electrical system, installation of the additional electrical equipment in the terminal yard, design, fabricate and installation of mounting brackets for equipment transformation, management of construction site and on-site commissioning automatic assistance. 

The project involves installation and termination of new components listed as follows:

  • Driver                           (7 nos.)
  • Controller                     (5 nos.) 
  • Control/Terminal Box   (6 nos.)
  • Encoder                       (5 nos.)
  • Reflector                      (5 nos.)
  • Camera                        (20 nos.)
  • RFID Reader                (1 no.)
  • 2D Scanner                  (3 nos.)
  • 3D Scanner                  (2 nos.)
  • Radar Sensor               (4 nos.)
  • Transponder                 (57 nos.)
  • Reference marker         (8 nos.)
  • Bar Code                       (180m)

As this project was a pilot project, lot of site surveys and repetitive trials were involved prior to final installation, the end client MTL were satisfied with the result in the end.